Do you know the benefits of including Merletto in your product assortment?

Merletto is an international brand developed at Noritex, positioned, and recognized internationally for its product portfolio in the school, crafts, and office areas, with over 15 years of presence in the market.

What do we offer?


Created to express ideas in the arts and develop fine motor skills.


Liquid and with add-ons in sticks and rubber guns.


Acquire practical products to work and organize.


We provide safe products for the use of children at affordable prices.

We are proud to tell you that…

Merletto products are present in more than 25 Latin American countries, we offer the perfect balance between price, quality, and trends, presenting you with more than 200 new products every year.

We are a brand with purpose…

The line of crafts is created to support mothers who want to express ideas through creativity and art. We motivate to develop fine motor skills and we have the widest variety of products to offer these customers.







But there is something else you should know!

By adding Merletto to your product assortment:

  • We will create product use content for your end customer.

    You will have graphic and audiovisual material so that your customers become familiar with Merletto products.

  • We will deliver high quality images of each product in your order.

    You can use them on your social networks or in your eCommerce.

  • We will advise you on your selection of products to guarantee a good product mix that allows you to accelerate the rotation at the store.

  • You will have product setting images, as an additional resource for your website or social networks.

  • According to the volume of your order, we are able to provide display furniture for your store.

  • We will provide support and train you in the display of the product at your store.

  • Through the organization of online events, we help you build databases that you can use afterwards.

  • We create valuable content for your final customer and for your brand through the joint organization of Instragram LIVE, online craft workshops and content production for your blog.

  • To support you in the sell-out, we will invest in geolocated digital advertising to impact your existing and potential customers.

  • You have the possibility to select a predefined Set of products with which you can obtain special discounts on your purchase.

Do you want to sell Merletto products? Consider the following:

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